Classically Natural, Pesticide-Free, U-Pick Apple Orchard & Home Garden

​​PeacefieldBoutique  Orchard& Home Garden

Historic Julian. California  -  San Diego County

​​​​​​​​ We invite you to come experience where food comes from in a deliciously-natural way!


We offer Fruit, Vegetables, Flowers and Herbs (all of whichare never grown with any sort of pesticide, herbicide, or chemical), Grower-Led Farm Tours, Agriculture Based Classes, and Farm-to-Table Events.

 On the Grower-Led Orchard & Home Farm Tour, you will see, taste and experience numerous examples of peaceful, biodynamic harmony.You will observe and learn about how apples and pears grow, natural soil enrichment, beneficial bugs, edible greens, and more. ​

Each person on the tour will be able to harvest, eat, and take home any produce currently available.


Agriculture Based Classes include Composting, Soil Enrichment, Grafting, Pruning and more. Please E-mail Farmer Bri and Farmer Josh for more information on upcoming classes.

Our thoughtful Farm-to-Table Events are centered around our all natural produce and guaranteed to please. Please inquire for more information about hosting your eco-friendly party.


We are No Longer Accepting Reservations for the 2017 Apple Harvest Season.

                       Educational Farm Tours will resume in May of 2018.                                

The next Apple Harvest Season will begin in Late July/Early August of 2018.

Come early in the season for Pears, Plums, Peaches, Apricots, Apples (Gravenstein, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Trancendent Crab, Jonagold, Jonathon, Macintosh, Rome, Braeburn) and more!

A special Thank You to Farm-to-Table Chef, Jeremy Manley of Jeremy's on the Hill restaurant for supporting us and cooking with our all-natural produce!! He's just minutes from our location and has many dietary accommodations available.