...aka the Bug Control Team!

​Meet the loving creatures that are responsible for bug control, fertilizing, aerating the soil, and sampling the ripe apples!

​Our youngest and littlest chicken, Vanilla, was found lost and hungry on the side of the highway. She is hands down the most cuddly =)

​Caramel and Chocolate are a mated pair that were brought to us by people that were struggling after just losing their own home.

​Molasses is with us becaue he was just too big for his owners to handle... a common and unfortunate thing for roosters.

​​The Turkeys are the funniest volunteers on the property-- as the young ones are growing up, they test their wings jumping off picnic tables and playing with our braver hens.

Free-Roaming Chickens and volunteer Turkey Families!

​​PeacefieldBoutique  Orchard& Home Garden

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