Community Supported Agriculture:

Our CSA (community supported agriculture) Program is a great way to get to know your farmers and your food better!

All of our members have the opportunity to tour the farm, learn more about regenerative farming practices and ask lots of questions. We plant crops in harmony with the seasons and tend in a responsible way that benefits our local pollinators.

We never, ever, use any chemicals. 

Eat Clean, Eat Fresh, Eat Seasonal and Eat Regional. Your share will vary in size and in context according to these principles. In addition to fresh vegetables and greens, there will often be herbs, cut flowers, fruits and even seasonings.

Thank you for supporting your local farm!


Getting Started 

CSA Starter Kit:
                                                                                $49 Starter Kit includes a reusable cooler (for drop off/pick up) and our custom                                                   Farm-to-Chef recipe binder with Chef Jeremy’s Garden Recipes.

The Starter Kit is a one time purchase.



12 Week Pre-Paid Membership:

Bi-Weekly Shares (6 pickups total)
$210 Single Share ($35 per Share)
$360 Bigger Share ($60 per Share)
Includes Free Admission for Members for Garden and Farm Tours.

     26 Week Pre-Paid Membership:

           Bi-Weekly Shares (13 pickups total)
         $390 Single Share ($30 per Share)
          $650 Bigger Share ($50 per Share)

                                                          Includes Free Admission for Members and 1/2 off for guests

for Garden and Farm Tours.


52 Week Pre-Paid Membership:

     Bi-Weekly Shares (26 pickups total)

  $650 Single Share ($25 per Share)
      $1040 Bigger Share ($40 per Share) 

                                                   Includes Free Admission for Members                                         

             and ½ off for guests on the Garden and

                Farm Tours as well as ½ Off U-Pick Apples.

How it works:

We must have your empty/assigned/CLEAN cooler at least three days before harvest.

This is three days before your assigned share is distributed.

Coolers may be dropped off any time between 10:30am-7:30pm, any day of the week, at Jeremy’s on the Hill.
The owners of dirty/slimy coolers will incur a $5 cleaning fee.
The owners of clean/well-kept coolers may receive little treats from time to time. Thank you for not annoying the farmers.  
If your cooler is not present at the time of packing, for any reason, we will charge a $25 fee for a new cooler.

Pick up dates are every other Friday (depending on your plan) from 4:00pm-8:00pm, and the following Saturday from 10:00am-9:00pm at Jeremy’s on the Hill.

Abandoned/ forgotten CSA shares will be donated to the cause of our choice. We give priority to the Julian Farm to School Lunch Program, families that can’t afford a share, and if all else fails or the produce goes bad, our farm chickens will be the lucky beneficiaries. We will of course work with you if you are going out of town. Please allow two weeks notice to avoid share problems.

Please inquire for questions related to family sized portions as well as bulk options for juicing or options for larger boxes that are appropriate for Vegans/Vegetarians/ people with plant based diets. 

To sign up:

Fill out the Contact Form below and indicate which CSA format

you prefer. Please do not include Credit Card information.

Farmer Bri will be in contact with you shortly! 

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Historic Julian. California  -  San Diego County