​​​​Peacefield ​Boutique Orchard


Down the Road Farm

Historic Julian. California  -  San Diego County

Meet your Farmers:

Brigida Rasmussen, aka Farmer Bri, is a Gluten-Free, Ethical Vegetarian with a passion for delicious food. She lives on the farm with her husband Farmer Josh and enjoys growing chemical-free produce for her brother, Chef Jeremy, at Jeremy’s on the Hill.

As a Certified Sommelier with over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry, as well as a family full of chefs, Farmer Bri is especially picky about her produce. By not using chemicals on the farm, food is not tainted by off smells and flavors-- the flavor profile and texture is as authentic and palate pleasing as possible.

Her favorite farm meal? A huge bowl of seasonal salad mix with fresh basil, dill, micro greens and tomatoes. Or French Breakfast Radishes sautéed in grass-fed butter. Or barbequed/marinated Cocozelle Squash. Yum!!

Her favorite farm chore? Weeding and thinning crops to feed the resident chickens and quail. They love it and she loves them!

Useful skills she brings to the farm: her EMT background is thankfully not needed as often as her skills in filling out Farmer Josh’s to-do list, doing the internet marketing and web-design, locating the best radishes on the farm, and booking/leading educational tours.

Joshua Rasmussen, aka Farmer Josh, has been farming for over a decade and specifically went to school for Sustainable Agriculture. He brings a fountain of knowledge and experience to our farm as well as his passion and eye for beauty. 

His philosophy? Just eat it.