Peacefield Boutique  Orchard

Historic Julian. California  -  San Diego County

Free-Roaming Rescue Chickens and volunteer Turkey Families!

...aka the Bug Controll Team!

​Meet the loving creatures that are responsible for bug controll, fertalizing, aerating the soil, and sampling the ripe apples!

Each of our wonderfully sweet birds comes with their own rescue story.

Three of our oldest girls (The Donnas) are retired from factory farms and are perhaps the best example of why we need to be more intimate with our food production process. Where once they had their poor little beaks shaved off and lived in cramped captivity, they now have an ample supply of space to roam, bugs to eat, and fresh grain/produce to enjoy year round.

​Our youngest and littlest chicken, Vanilla, was found lost hand hungry on the side of the highway. She is hands down the most cuddly =)

​Caramel and Chocolate are a mated pair that was brought to us by people that were struggling after just loosing their own home.

​Molasses is with us becaue he was just too big for his owners to handle... a common and unfortunate thing for roosters.

The Turkeys are the funniest volunteers on the property-- as the young ones are growing up, they test theior wings jumping off picnic tables and playing with our braver hens.

​Visitors are welcome to bring organic grapes to feed the chickens and roosters. They will flock to you.